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Are the Clifton Hill Go Karts Worth It?

Niagara Speedway Review: Is the colossal attraction worth the double-digit price tag?

What: Niagara Speedway Go Karts

Price: $12

Length: 5 minutes

Rundown: Since debuting in 2018, this massive go kart track has become a Clifton Hill icon. Advertised as “Mario Kart”-style (because there are spirals? We think? There’s nothing really Mario-ish about this), the karts run at a max speed of 32 km/h, with its press department alleging it’s “North America’s largest elevated go-cart track facility“. It is, admittedly, a significant, sprawling course that effectively combines roller coster–style drops with the thrill of racing and the clumsiness of classic bumper cars. A ticket earns you four or five laps, whatever you can cram into the five-minute limit, which sounds short—but, in reality, actually feels surprisingly long. Plus, the speeds and drops are genuinely fun, and the course design mitigates annoying pre-teens ramming into you.

Worth It? Twelve bucks is a little steep, but yeah, this one’s actually quite fun.

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