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The Best Pizza in Niagara Falls

best pizza niagara falls

Finding the best slice in a city is as obvious as a pepperoni pizza. But Niagarans might be spoiled for choice: between our abundance of dine-in Italian restaurants (owing to our above-average ratio of Italian Canadians), family-friendly tourist spots and cheap by-the-slice neigbourhood joints, pizza is one category of food we can enjoy in abundance.

That makes finding the best pizza in Niagara Falls an especially daunting challenge. Yet it is nonetheless one we at Found in the Falls take extremely seriously; we have personally taste-tested more than a dozen pies across the city from some of the top spots and have cross-referenced our findings with online popular opinions to deliver what we believe to be a definitive list of the best pizzas in Niagara Falls.

Frank’s Pizzeria

best pizza niagara falls frank's

Photo by Found in the Falls

What makes Frank’s one of the best? Take your pick: the crust is always the right blend of crispy and chewy, the quality and variety of toppings is exceptional, the price is right, and the size—a massive tray that will feed a family for days (or a single person for a week) costs between $20 and $30—is generous, to put it mildly. A couple caveats: while you can dine in, most people don’t; the ambiance doesn’t offer much and the location (in an inconspicuous part of town, near Victoria Ave. on Bridge St., currently under renovation) isn’t exactly on the beaten path for tourists. And because it’s popular and everyone orders takeout, the wait time can be up to an hour. Such are the hallmarks of a classic neighbourhood spot that’s been around for decades.

Antica Pizzeria

best pizza niagara falls

Photo courtesy of Antica Pizzeria

We tend to avoid the tourist traps of Clifton Hill and Fallsview on this website—not just because they usually offer usually mediocre food for too much money, but because our stated mission is to raise awareness of all the other great places in Niagara Falls. Antica is an exception. The personal thin-crust pizzas are baked to perfection in a wood-fired oven, and the menu variety (and dietary options for vegans, gluten-free eaters, et al) is a welcome result of its location in the heart of Niagara Fall’s tourist district. That location, of course, is something you pay extra for: Antica is definitely a little over-priced for the size of the ‘za. But their revamped post-COVID patio and service are excellent, and we give Antica extra credit for being a family-owned local independent business for more than 40 years. If you’re sticking around Clifton Hill, this is one of your best bets.



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Excellent dough and craftsmanship make this pizza a standout in the city. Their menu extends beyond the standard North American fare into bolder Italian choices (e.g. their “antipasto pizza”, featuring garclic, eggplan, mild soppressata, black olives and red onion). Flavour reigns supreme while the copious amount of toppings and cheese makes for possibly the heftiest pizza on this list.

Grand Central

(Photo courtesy Grand Central/Facebook)

Queen Street’s lone entrant to this list is a storied sports bar whose patio wraps around the corner of Chrysler Ave. Having just reopened after a pandemic renovation, their half-tray pizzas seem to have shrunk a little, but the ample cheese and quality toppings are as alluring as ever. They offer wing combos and pub fare, plus some basic draught beers, but if you’re here for food, pizza really is the star of the show. A pleasant surprise that Niagara Falls’ best sports bar also has some genuine quality food.

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